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rpm-analyzer helps you analyze rpm dependencies.
This tools is written in python and pyGTK and has been tested on RedHat Linux 9 and RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.
This tool is released under the GNU General Public License


2006-06-13 # v1.22 public release
  • New versioning and packaging.
  • save/restore user preferences.
2006-06-08 # v1.0r19 public release
  • New option to allow case (in)sensitive package sorting.
  • delete_event mishandle bugfix.
2006-02-21 # v1.0r17 public release
  • Updated content of the Group tab with group name display (for kickstart), user visibility and packages status.
2006-02-16 # v1.0r15 public release
  • fix SEGV when scrolling deps/rdeps
2006-02-15 # v1.0r14 public release
  • works now with RHEL4
  • improve robustness against broken comps.xml
  • added csv export
2003-09-16 # v1.0r11 public release
  • packages display bugfix
  • added command-line options
2003-09-09 # v1.0r10 public release
  • added option in preferences window to modify hdlist import behaviour
  • added option in preferences window to modify dependencies resolving behaviour
  • search function added to browse the packages list
  • history bugfix
2003-08-19 # v1.0r8 public release
  • added display options in preferences window
  • added html export window
  • added select all {groups,packages} function
2003-08-11 # v1.0r7 public release
  • added support for metapkg
  • added preferences window to change the dependencies selection behaviour
2003-06-12 # v1.0r6 public release


This tool is based on a rpm database (hdlist).
After loading this database, you'll be able to define a set of rpm, based on:
  • the current system configuration
  • predefined groups (from comps.xml)
  • a user selection
This set of rpm:
  • will automatically include the requiered dependencies.
  • can be exported as an ASCII or HTML file.
You can easily view which packages are:
  • requiered in order to add a specific rpm to your set.
  • to be removed in order to remove a specific package from your set.


general dep rdep group
1 2 3 4
  1. General tab: General info about a package
  2. Dep tab: dependency tree
  3. RDep tab: Reverse dependency tree
  4. Group tab: General info about a group


rpm-analyzer 1.22 package
rpm-analyzer 1.22 sources
rpm-analyzer 1.22 tarball
rpm-analyzer 1.22 checksums

previous binary and sources versions available here


Report bugs or suggestions to Alain TAUCH, developer and maintainer of rpm-analyzer.